No te preocupes. Aquí puedes aprender español desde el principio. Here you can learn Spanish from the beginning. Si necesitas ayuda, if you need some help, you can visit our store and buy posters, wall art, t-shirts, hoodies and other merchandise to keep practicing Spanish all day. And when you are ready, then come back and take a few of our lessons.

All lessons in this website are conversational, so put on your slippers and sit back. Te puedes relajar. You can relax.

As you have probably noticed, voy a hablar en ingles y en español. I will be talking in both English and Spanish. Because it’s true – es verdad! – if you want to learn Spanish, you have to hear it as much as possible. You have to dive in and let your brain start absorbing it. You need to start listening to the language inmediatamente, immediately.

Is it confusing at first? Definitivamente. Definitely. Is it overwhelming? Por supuesto que sí! Or course yes!

But when you start feeling this way, don’t you worry because you can always come back and listen to all the recordings over and over and  over again, tantas veces quieras, as many times as you want.

If you spend some time looking around this website, you are going to find a lot of useful lessons here. You can learn basic greetings. You can learn the numbers. You can learn specific concepts like the days of the week and the months of the year.

But if this is your first visit here, I recommend that you keep reading further down and begin by taking the Preview Lesson below. No necesitas un lápiz o papel. You don’t need a pencil or paper. All you have to do is listen for 25 minutes. If you like it, then come back and keep going.

Te deseo lo mejor. I wish you all the best. And I really, honestly hope that you some day you get to learn enough Spanish so that you can have amazing, rich, intelligent conversations with interesting Spanish speakers around the world, in their language, whether in person or online. Good luck!

Preview Lesson

En esta leccion, in this lesson, I want to help you how to cheat. Yes – I said “cheat”. Because Spanish is something you can definitely simplify to make it easier to learn. So let me give you a few phrases that you are going to find incredibly useful right away. Every Spanish class should teach you these, but very few of them do. So take a look at the list of phrases below, listen as I go over them, and repeat after me whenever we get to that.

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